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Like Never Before
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What does ChurchETouch have that ordinary contact management systems don't?

We understand that churches have unique needs, and we wanted to build an app from the ground up that addresses those needs in a powerfully uncomplicated fashion.

Take a look at the features offered below. We're just getting started!


The Directory is the heart of ChurchETouch - it's the place where you store and maintain all of your contact information
Keep member and family information up-to-date
Easily find contacts by searching and sorting
Send email, text messages, and create appointments with members, right from within the directory.


Creating and coordinating events has never been easier.
Create one-time and repeating events, and color-coordinate them for easy organization.
Move events around using a simple drag and drop interface.
Event calendar can be displayed on your church's website.
Send calendar via email to church members.
Create an attendees list for each event, adding church members and other ChurchETouch users.
Send reminder emails to attendees at times you specify

Turnkey Credit Card Processing System

Start accepting donations from your members online with a few simple steps!

ChurchETouch Guarantees that your church will receive the Lowest Processing Rates We Provide an online credit card capture page that you can link your web site to. Your congregation can also give from their Smart Phones using our online Church Directory Program. Online application makes getting started a snap!

Text Messaging

Easily send text messages to members right from within your account.
Messages can be sent from your PC, tablet, phone, or whatever device you are currently using.
Send mass messages to families or groups.

Email Messaging

Create a unique ChurchETouch email account that belongs to you.
Send messages to members, families, groups, or plain email addresses.
Contacts are automatically pre-filled - simply start typing the name of a recipient you want to add.

Email Templates

Any Email message can be saved as a private or public template, to be loaded at any time in the future.
Use templates to create newsletters, e-cards, prayer chain emails, etc.
Use your own branded images, colors, and custom HTML to create unique email templates that can be used anytime.
Dozens of prefilled templates created by ChurchETouch for occasions such as birthdays, holidays, well wishes, and more...

Drip Email

Set email messages to send on a particular date, or on a specific repeating schedule.
Combine with the email template feature to create daily newsletters, regular announcements, notifications on a certain date, and whatever else you can imagine!
Drip emails can be sent to a single individual, or a combination of groups, families, members, and plain email addresses


Manage the various ministries and groups in your church for better communication.
Send mass email/text messages to the members of a group.
Set up ministry-specific announcements and newsletters to be mailed on a repeating schedule.

Greeting Cards & Posters

100's of mail out greeting cards to choose from.
Insert pictures into card and you can even personalize them with your own message and handwriting.
Create your own posters for special events.

Track Giving

Coming Soon!
Easily Keep track of tithes and offering for each church member.
Track totals that will mail merge into a letter.
Dated and numbered deposit slips to protect you from fraud.
Categorize your donations.
Print reports for your board meetings.

Children's Church Check-In

Coming Soon!
Photos match the children with their parents.
Text parents when they are needed
Date and time stamp in your system on check in and check out.

Data tools

Regardless of which contact management system you are coming from, you will have powerful import/export tools so that your data is always manageable

Indicates feature coming soon

Need More?

Try Our New Personal Secretary Service!

$159 / Month (Includes ChurchETouch Software)

Call us anytime, day or night! We will handle your:
Pastor's Appointments
  • We will send you a text or email reminder
Marketing for all events
  • Email and Text Messaging for Events
  • Develop Event Web Pages
  • Set up Advertising Posters for Events
  • Keep a list of event attendees, for promoting future events
Manage Church Online Directory
  • Initial Set Up and day to day management.
Send, Get Well and Sympathy cards in the Mail
  • All cards can have a personal note in the Pastor's handwriting and his/her signature.
Manage the Church Prayer Chain.
  • Just Call us with your prayer request and we will handle everything else.

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